Trendy Wedding Accessories You Need Now

How should you accessorize after you found your dream dress? First off, finding the right pieces that add uniqueness but does not take away from your style can be a little bit of a challenge, but we are here to help! Discover the trendy wedding accessories you need now to transform your wedding attire!

Denim Jacket

A jean jacket is one of the most popular accessory trends you will discover if you are a soon-to-be bride. Bridal jean jackets add a unique and fun element to your dress and create photo-worthy pictures on your big day. It works at a variety of venues and will complement greatly to rustic, boho, and modern themes. A denim jacket can be repurposed to wear at any bridal function and makes for a perfect transition look from ceremony to reception. We love the different customization options that are available when creating an outstanding jacket. We see the use of monograms, patches, pearls, and fringes decorated on this cute accessory.

We love this real bride’s use of paint to highlight her and her bridal party. It was a showstopping piece, and the denim jacket is a fantastic gift for your bridesmaids. We are getting a 90’s vibe with this trend, and we love every bit of it!


Statement Veils

A change in wedding dress styles has shifted as Covid-19 evoked a new mindset among individuals. We see the replacement of bold wedding dresses to the gravitation of minimalistic designs and silhouettes instead. Brides are choosing to get that same wow factor of flashy dresses but with statement veils. Also, bold veils make it easy for brides to transform their look but still cater to a more subdued aesthetic for their wedding day.

Group of people at a wedding. Bride is wearing a large veil and a wedding dress.
Photo Credit: Joseph Mark Photography

Bridal Shoes

Shoes are seen as an afterthought when picking out your dress, but you will see wedding heels with intricate details become a focal point in 2021. Your shoe needs to be a factor when developing a look. Plan your shoe or shoes to accommodate comfortability, location, and design aesthetics. Garden venues are seen more than ever since the pandemic creating a rise in block heels as a fabulous choice for outdoor weddings. The incorporation of structured bows, intricate floral motifs, beautiful textures and color, and statement heels are on-trend. We often see brides wear two wedding shoes- one for the ceremony and one for the reception.  For example, this lovely bride included an elegant heel and a sparkly sneaker so she can dance the night away. Here at Lulu’s, we make sure you best dressed from head to toe!

Images of bridal shoes
Photo Credit (Left to Right): Amy Karp Photography, Braden Harris Photography, Courtney Hansen Photography


 Bold Headpieces & Earrings

Brides are paying attention to detail when it comes to headpieces and statement earrings. A gorgeous large, beaded hoop or a bold stud will be eye-catching to view on your big day.  However, make sure to style your earrings to be complimentary and not clash with your overall dress style. You and your dress will be the star of your wedding! Headpieces are the perfect accessory for the modern bride. Incorporate a fashionable headband or jeweled hairpiece for a magical appearance. A fabulous pearl headband paired with a structured dress or jumpsuit creates the right amount of soft elegance.

A woman wearing an earring
Photo: Allen Tsai Photography

Floral Bouquet

We are leaving behind wildflowers and gradients from past years. We are looking ahead to monochromatic looks, textural blooms, and expressive colors. Floral bouquets are an essential and complementary aspect that completes your overall style. Brides are holding bouquets that embrace one color but include dimensional shades to create interest. Also, you might notice petite size floral arrangements pop up in more weddings. Smaller size bouquets are functional and very aesthetically pleasing to your bridal look.

Bride holding a white floral bouquet
Photo Credit: John Cain Photography


Your wedding dress is a work of art! Why not amplify its beauty with pretty details. Become the centerpiece to your wedding day with trendy, elegant, unique accessories. The next time you are dress shopping think about how you want to accessorize!


What accessories are you going to incorporate? Tell us in the comments below!












Choosing Your Wedding Day Music

Deciding on the music for your wedding day can be a lot of fun. But it can also be daunting! Your music choices set the tone for the day, from ceremony prelude to the last dance at your reception and every key moment in between. Here are a few points to consider when making your selections.

Your ceremony music may be dictated, in part, by the venue in which you marry. Many houses of worship have guidelines requiring your music be religious or classic instrumental in nature. Be sure to check with your contact at your ceremony venue to ensure your choices meet any requirements.

Next, you’ll want to consider the style/theme of your event – classic/traditional, modern, eccentric, whimsical, etc. A garden wedding with a boho chic vibe would be the perfect setting to have the bride enter to something like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” strummed on an acoustic guitar, whereas a formal church or hotel ballroom ceremony may lend itself more to the bride walking in to “Trumpet Voluntary” played by a string quartet. But it is your wedding! Take time to do some research and brainstorm with your musicians if you want something a little more unique than the standard wedding repertoire.

After the ceremony, the real fun begins! The pressure is off as you are now Mr. and Mrs., and it’s time to party! For reception music, you’ll want to start with your cocktail hour if you’re having one. Again, the goal of the music is not only entertainment but to set the mood. Jazz or big band favorites are a great way to go during the cocktail hour. You want the mood to be festive but your guests aren’t ready to cut loose. Consider the same approach for mealtime, especially if you’re having a seated dinner. Guests do not want to have to compete with high energy dance music to have a conversation.

Another fun consideration: do you want to incorporate any meaningful song – do you have an “our song”, is there a song that is a theme of your relationship or is there a song that is special to your families? Including songs that have personal significance is a great way to personalize your wedding and make it more memorable for you and your fiancé. You can do this for your ceremony or reception of course, and this is the best way to choose songs for your special dances such as your first dance and the father/daughter and mother/son dances.

Dinner is over and it is time to dance! Want to have the dance floor packed? Then please do consider your guests! Will Grandma be on the floor throwing down to Sexyback or would that give her a heart attack? You may adore Newgrass, but will your guests get it – and can you dance to it?! You can easily have a wide variety of music played to appeal to most of your guests, and any seasoned band leader or disc jockey can help you plan that out. Hire talented, experienced professionals, whether a band or DJ and trust their expertise and opinions!!!

Another great brain to pick would be that of your wedding planner! Don’t have one yet? Weddings by StarDust has a wonderful team of Certified Wedding Planners that can help you with every detail for your wedding day! Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation!

Trend Alert: Bridal Blues

Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The “something blue” aspect of the traditional Old English rhyme symbolizes love, purity and fidelity. You have decided you definitely want to incorporate the “something blue” tradition but you’re not necessarily into the garter thing or don’t want to be as bold as wearing blue shoes. How about painting your toenails blue?

Blue nail polish is still all the rage – why not paint your toe nails with blue polish to bring in the ubiquitous something blue?! We love the incredible assortment of blue nail polishes out there. Check out some of the gorgeous shades!

Borrowed and Blue from Essie
Larimar from Oscar de la Renta
Ocean Blue from Sonia Kashuk
Yoga-ta Get This Blue from OPI
Blue Satin from Chanel
No matter what shade of blue you’re into, you are sure to find the perfect hue for your something blue toes!

Trend Alert: Herbal Cocktails

Hallelujah! Spring has finally sprung and it’s put us in the mood for light and refreshing cocktails! So, if you’re still pondering a signature drink for your wedding reception or cocktail hour, consider this fabulous trend: herbal cocktails.

Sweet and savory married in a delicious beverage…we’re hard-pressed to think of anything more luscious! Whether they’re infused, muddled or just a snipped sprig added for an unexpected garnish, herbs can make a fabulous and unique impact on spring and summer cocktails! Quench your thirst for something fresh with these gorgeous temptations:

Watermelon Basil Margarita
Cilantro Cooler (made with vodka)
Raspberry Thyme Tom Collins (love that mason jar!)
Peach Rosemary Spritzers (works with red or white wine)
Apple Thyme Martinis
Raspberry Basil Cocktail (with vodka and Prosecco)
Lavender Champagne – simple, elegant and delicious!
Cardamom Rose Cocktail (made with gin)
A richly colored twist on a classic: Blackberry Mint Julep
Pear Rosemary Cocktail (made with vodka)

Collaborate with your catering manager or bartender to design a perfect cocktail for your big event! They will know what is in season and can recommend divine flavor pairings that will complement the rest of your wedding day menu! Cheers!

Remember to Breathe: Stress Relief for the Bride

We hear you – wedding planning can be stressful. It shouldn’t be, but somewhere between attending numerous vendor meetings, navigating family dynamics and making dozens of decisions, you realize you need a break. Now! Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to combat stress during what should be a wonderfully joyful time in your life.










Probably one of the most overlooked – and the most difficult, if you’re looking at your to-do list – is to get plenty of rest. Lack of sleep can be a stress magnifier and often, people getting too little sleep are more prone to irritability and less likely to be able to handle things as they don’t go according to plan. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. That’s a tall order, to be sure, but even making an effort to go to bed an hour earlier each night will contribute to you feeling more rested overall and help you stave off a little stress.








Eating more healthfully is another way to keep stress at bay. When you don’t eat healthy meals regularly, your blood sugar can be all over the place and that can lead to crankiness. Without the proper fuel, your mind doesn’t function at its peak performance, and you can be easily distracted. An obvious bonus side effect of eating healthy is that you’ll look even more fantastic on your wedding day!


Exercise is another excellent way to kick stress to the curb! There are so many options out there: running, yoga, Crossfit®, cycling, Pilates, Zumba®, swimming or barre, just to name a few! No matter which form of movement you enjoy, just getting a moderate amount of exercise a few times a week can really help relieve your stress.










Three ways it does this is to increase endorphins (your body’s own feel-good chemicals), distract you from what seemed so stressful in the first place and boost your mood! Again, the added bonus is that you’ll look awesome in your bridal gown!









And we cannot forget massage, a surefire way to loosen those knots in your neck, back and shoulders. Massage can be a great stress reliever by helping you unwind and loosen tight muscles. Consider a day at the spa to help rejuvenate you. Or even better, schedule a couple’s massage for you and your fiancé – and declare that date a wedding-discussion-free zone. Taking a little breather from wedding planning every now and then can be just the ticket to refreshing you.









Finally, if going solo while planning your wedding is proving to be too much, get help! Just like you would not consider tackling serious legal or financial tasks without an attorney or a financial planner, you might not want to take on wedding planning without an expert by your side.  Ready to enlist some backup? Learn more by scheduling a free consultation with one of our certified wedding planners today! Call us at 972.781.1619 to schedule an appointment or fill out this form on our website.

sources: for more info on stress relief and sleep, visit the Mayo Clinic’s and the National Sleep Foundation’swebsites.


Winter Trend Alert: The Warm Beverage Bar

Winter Trend Alert: The Warm Beverage Bar

It is finally feeling like Fall is here to stay, and we are in love with this chillier weather! With the cooler temps comes oodles of wonderfully fun ideas for Fall weddings! We are fortunate here in the North Texas area because even when it’s “cold,” it’s still mild enough to have a Dallas wedding with outdoor elements. One of our faves right now is the coffee bar, hot cocoa bar, hot apple cider bar – or a warm beverage bar offering all three! Having one of these fabulous hot beverage stations outside on a patio at your wedding reception is a great opportunity for your guests to get some fresh air while enjoying more delightful wedding details!






Coffee bars at wedding receptions have been around for a while, but fabulous coffee never goes out of style, especially when you need a warm, caffeine-infused pick-me-up during a great party! Offer embellishments such as flavored syrups, chocolate shavings, sweet liquors (think amaretto, Frangelico and butterscotch schnapps, to name a few), chocolate spoons and cinnamon.




























Hot chocolate bars are divine and will be adored by kids and adults alike! Include delectable garnishes like peppermint sticks, luscious libations – such as Kalua, Irish Cream and Peppermint Schnapps – whipped cream, chocolate chips, cinnamon sticks, mini marshmallows, crumbled toffee bar (such as Heath), and espresso shots (yes, please!). Hmmm, seems like we could go on and on here. Seriously, what doesn’t go with hot cocoa?!








Hot apple cider is the perfect fall/winter beverage! No doubt it’s sweet, homey goodness will reward your guests with a bit of nostalgia. Offer scrumptious stir-ins such orange slices or wedges, caramel squares or sauce, cinnamon sticks, red hot candies, sprigs of rosemary, whipped cream and ice cream!!! Yes – we said ice cream! You simply cannot imagine the heavenly marriage of hot apple cider and a scoop of vanilla, dulce de leche or butter pecan ice cream! You. Must. Try. This!











p.s. We think a donut tower lends itself perfectly as a partner to your warm beverage bar! Don’t you?!










We wish you much fun and enjoyment as you plan the special details of your wedding day! Be inspired and happy planning!

image sources: Style Me PrettyPinterestColin Cowie and Wedding Chicks

Mountain Top Wedding | Cody + Nicole

Snow Covered Mountain Top Wedding

Nicole and Cody’s intimate mountain top wedding photos left us breathless. A quick glance at the photos, and you will completely understand . Working in the floral/wedding industry, Nicole had worked on many weddings which made honing into one look more of a challenge. She really wanted a modern feel with lush florals that could work in sun or snow. Nicole said it best- “In Colorado you never know what you’ll get in April!”

A 3 photo collage of their mountain top wedding ceremony


When asked what her favorite memory of her wedding day was, Nicole said “Since my wedding was very intimate, I was able to really cherish walking down the aisle with my mom and seeing Cody at the end of the aisle waiting for me. In Colorado, you can marry yourself, so Cody planned our ceremony… I had no idea what he was going to say but it made it so much sweeter hearing it the day of. “

“Cody and I grew up in DFW and then moved to Breckenridge, Colorado in 2015. We love the mountains so much that we knew we needed to be married with only our closest family and friends and those mountains in the background. The week leading up to the wedding had been warm and sunny but, on our day, mother nature decided to give us what we also love- snow! “

Although they now live in Colorado, Cody and Nicole are DFW natives!So, when it came time to find the perfect gown for their mountain top wedding, Nicole became a Lulu’s Bride! Her Orquida gown, by Pronovias, could not have been a better choice for this stunning bride. Since they chose to have an extremely intimate ceremony in the mountains, they ending up having a bigger reception in Dallas a week later. Two celebrations of love and two opportunities for Nicole to wear her gorgeous gown!


Photographer: Marianne Brown Photography

Venue: Sapphire Point in Breckenridge, Colorado 

Florist/Planning: Petal and Bean in Breckenridge, Colorado (Where Nicole works as a florist and wedding coordinator) 

Hair and Makeup: Weemala Breckenridge

Gown: Pronovias 

Jewelry: Kendra Scott

Groom’s Suit: Bonobos

Reception venue: House of Dirt in the Bishop Arts District



Find your Plus Size Wedding Dress at LuLu’s Bridal

Plus size wedding dress from LuLu's Bridal Boutique of Dallas, TexasDallas’ destination bridal boutique for your plus size wedding dress!

Tired of hearing that they don’t carry your size? It can really put a damper on your joyful mood, especially if you found a dress you really wanted. Isn’t planning a wedding supposed to be fun and exciting? Many bridal boutiques only carry sample sizes, which often forces curvier women to look for other options.

LuLu’s Bridal now offers a collection of over 200 plus-size wedding dress samples from 6 different designers. For over 15 years, LuLu’s Bridal has become renowned for exceptional customer service and beautiful gowns at moderate prices. Why’s that, you ask?


The whole point of dress shopping is to have fun, make it memorable, and give it meaning. Our entire experience is built around this philosophy, and our staff takes it to heart to make your experience fun, memorable, and meaningful. At LuLu’s, every bride will be treated with respect (It’s your day, after all!). No matter what size you are, you can have an amazing experience. It’s about feeling superbly comfortable while appearing effortlessly gorgeous. Rock those curves!


First, you schedule an initial consultation with one of our professional stylists. You can book an appointment online or by calling (214) 871-9610. Your stylist will be with you every careful, measured step of the way. Part of the fun of shopping for your wedding dress is working with a stylist who listens and anticipates your needs. For our stylists, it’s all about helping you to find the perfect gown. What best fits your personal style and body type? From that starting point, they can contribute to a shopping experience that is tailor-made just for you to find the perfect plus size wedding dress.


From ball gowns to mermaid dresses to A-line gowns, we offer a variety of styles in our new plus size wedding dress collection. Since we recently made additions to our collections, we’ve made sure to include the latest trends in wedding dress designs. There’s sure to be something that you love! You can start adding dresses to your wish list, and you can talk with your stylist about the specific features you want. Check out the plus-size wedding dresses at LuLu’s Bridal now.Plus size wedding dress from LuLu's Bridal Boutique of Dallas, Texas


The plus size wedding dresses at LuLu’s Bridal range from $1,200 to $3.600. We also offer alteration services. Our alterations department is focused on how they can make alterations convenient and efficient for you. The expenses will vary depending on the work that needs to be done, but you should budget around $300 to $500. To allot time for alterations and bridal portraits, you should plan on ordering your gown about six to eight months before the wedding.


There can be so many people involved in putting a wedding together. It’s a rush of momentum as well as small (and big!) details. As you look at yourself in the fitting room mirror, take a moment to remember that it’s your experience. It’s not your mom’s or your sister’s or your stylist’s. Don’t spend any more time on the dresses that you don’t love. Get the wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful and happy. It’s not about the dozens of eyes on either side of the aisle. Your gaze will be fixed on your one true love, at the end of the aisle, whose eyes are starting to look teary.

Book your appointment today to find your plus size wedding dress.

Real Bride: Caroline in Mori Lee

Gown: Mori Lee Style 2895 from LuLu’s Bridal  |  Photography by Christina Childress

Venue: Mopac Event Center  |  Planner: Maxwell + Gray  |  Florals: Pam’s Ribbon and Roses  |  Makeup: Wendy Zerrudo  |  Hair: Andrea + Rachel  |  Invitations: P.S. The Letter  |  Tux: The Black Tux  |  Photo Booth: The Photo Bus  |  Rentals: Coral Lane Rentals  | Ceremony Strings: Gyros String Quartet  |  Reception Band: In10City Band  |  Caterer: City Kitchen  |  Cake: Wonderful Kakes   |  Tent: Sandone Productions  |  Lighting: Beyond  |  Videographer: Thompson Pictures