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Winter is such a magical season to get married and everyone is in high spirits and you can feel the love all around. What better way to celebrate that time of the year, than a Christmas-themed wedding. Get to know real bride Stephanie’s love story and the wedding details that made it extra special in this Q & A interview. We talk about all things proposal, dress, and aesthetics which created the most perfect celebration.

Question #1: How did your husband propose?


Okay, let me paint the scene because it was amazing! I had just returned from a family beach trip in July. My roommate had gotten a raise and said she wanted to celebrate. I begrudgingly said I would go knowing the only thing I wanted to do was sit in my most oversized comfy sweatshirt and binge Game of Thrones. I tried three times to get out of going to this dinner, but I had no way out. A little back story, my now husband, is a professional disc golfer and was out on tour in Utah! So I called him to complain about going to this dinner, and just missed him and wanted to relax. I wanted to celebrate with my friend, but I was exhausted. He told me to get ready and have fun. Now at this point. I had a slight feeling he might be coming home to surprise me. I tried not to think about it though because I had not seen him in a month and if he didn’t come, I’d be disappointed. I had finished getting ready. Hair, make-up, bomb dress, and suddenly, I received a call from my then-boyfriend. He asked if I had gotten his flowers and would check the front porch. To my great surprise, there was my boyfriend in a full suit, standing on my front porch with flowers. He had driven 23hrs to surprise me. He told me we were going on a date and jumping in his car.
After a lot of hugging, kissing, and tears, we were off. A little bit later, we had pulled into Highland Village, and I could see that we were traveling to a park on the GPS. He noticed that I had seen this and stated we would have a picnic. I very sweetly pointed out that it was raining, lol. We get out of the car at this gorgeous park in Highland Village, and Jon goes, “Do you know what’s about to happen?” I was clueless. We walked under a lovely pergola, and he dropped to one knee and said, “I don’t want to wait anymore; I am ready to start my life with you. Will you marry me?” My heart was racing. I immediately said yes, and we just giggled like two little kids for hours.


Question #2: How did you know Allure Bridal 9719 was the one?


I had previously gone to one store other than Lulu’s and felt very overwhelmed and unheard. My wedding was in 5 months and finding a dress fast was complicated. I had found one that I liked, but it wouldn’t come into the store in time. I was confused about why they would even let me try on a dress I couldn’t buy. I left pretty discouraged. When I got to LuLu’s I was hesitant to find what I wanted. My stylist was amazing. She immediately eased my fears and told me she wouldn’t let me put something on that I couldn’t get in time. She walked with me all over the store and pointed out what was in my price range and could get here in time.
I spent about ten minutes alone looking at the dress and picked out several. I wasn’t blown away by anything I had seen and was still worried I wouldn’t like any of them. I was about to walk back to the dressing room, and I kept staring at this one dress, thinking it was beautiful but not sure if it was me. I asked the stylist to pick it up anyway. I was waiting in my dressing room with my family, and I distinctly remember pulling that one out and telling them, “There’s something about this one I love, but I am not sure what. I think it’s going to surprise me, though.” It was the second dress I put on. I knew right away that this was my dress. I loved EVERYTHING. It was classy, sexy, and fairytale-like. I couldn’t believe the way it looked on me. I have never felt so beautiful. I gasped when I looked at it the first time, and it sent my family straight into tears. We all knew this was the one. They put the veil on, and I never wanted to take the dress off. I felt like a bride for the first time ever!


Question #3: What was the theme or aesthetic for your wedding day?


My wedding was Christmas-themed. Everything was emerald green, white, and gold. It was a dream, the absolute most gorgeous thing ever. I was in awe the whole time. I loved every second of my dream Christmas wedding!


Question #4: What was the most memorable part of your big day?


I saw my fiance for the first time at the end of the aisle. All the nerves and craziness just faded away. Getting to see his smiling handsome face, I just knew our life would be an adventure from here on out. I couldn’t wait to start it with him. Getting to dance with him alone at the end of the night was pretty special too. I love him so much!

Question #5: How did you personalize your wedding experience and wedding gown?


There were a lot of little personalized touches to the wedding. My dad passed away when I was a kid. My sister and I decorated his chair at the ceremony, and she gave me a necklace with his handwriting on it. I had been looking for his script for years. I had instant tears.
I also added a blue crescent moon to the inside of my dress from one of his dress shirts. He always told me he loved me to the moon and back. It was like he got to walk me down the aisle and was with me the whole night.
Something fun we did was have a bounce house! It was a hit. We didn’t have many kids there, but watching all of our friends and family bounce around in the bounce house was fun.


Wedding day vendors:
Venue: Avalon Legacy Ranch
Photos: Fleeting and Co. @fleetingandco
Bakery: Bronwen’s Cakes @bronwencakes
Florist: Petals and Pastels @petalsnpastels
Planner: Alice and Apricot @aliceandapricot
Harmland Weddings @harmlandweddings
Make-up: Grand Slam Glam @grandslamglam
Hair: Hair by Anna @hair.byanna
Music: Joey Wilcoxson @joey_wilcoxson


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