Q & A: Real Bride Stephanie

Winter is such a magical season to get married and everyone is in high spirits and you can feel the love all around. What better way to celebrate that time of the year, than a Christmas-themed wedding. Get to know real bride Stephanie’s love story and the wedding details that made it extra special in this Q & A interview. We talk about all things proposal, dress, and aesthetics which created the most perfect celebration.

Question #1: How did your husband propose?


Okay, let me paint the scene because it was amazing! I had just returned from a family beach trip in July. My roommate had gotten a raise and said she wanted to celebrate. I begrudgingly said I would go knowing the only thing I wanted to do was sit in my most oversized comfy sweatshirt and binge Game of Thrones. I tried three times to get out of going to this dinner, but I had no way out. A little back story, my now husband, is a professional disc golfer and was out on tour in Utah! So I called him to complain about going to this dinner, and just missed him and wanted to relax. I wanted to celebrate with my friend, but I was exhausted. He told me to get ready and have fun. Now at this point. I had a slight feeling he might be coming home to surprise me. I tried not to think about it though because I had not seen him in a month and if he didn’t come, I’d be disappointed. I had finished getting ready. Hair, make-up, bomb dress, and suddenly, I received a call from my then-boyfriend. He asked if I had gotten his flowers and would check the front porch. To my great surprise, there was my boyfriend in a full suit, standing on my front porch with flowers. He had driven 23hrs to surprise me. He told me we were going on a date and jumping in his car.
After a lot of hugging, kissing, and tears, we were off. A little bit later, we had pulled into Highland Village, and I could see that we were traveling to a park on the GPS. He noticed that I had seen this and stated we would have a picnic. I very sweetly pointed out that it was raining, lol. We get out of the car at this gorgeous park in Highland Village, and Jon goes, “Do you know what’s about to happen?” I was clueless. We walked under a lovely pergola, and he dropped to one knee and said, “I don’t want to wait anymore; I am ready to start my life with you. Will you marry me?” My heart was racing. I immediately said yes, and we just giggled like two little kids for hours.


Question #2: How did you know Allure Bridal 9719 was the one?


I had previously gone to one store other than Lulu’s and felt very overwhelmed and unheard. My wedding was in 5 months and finding a dress fast was complicated. I had found one that I liked, but it wouldn’t come into the store in time. I was confused about why they would even let me try on a dress I couldn’t buy. I left pretty discouraged. When I got to LuLu’s I was hesitant to find what I wanted. My stylist was amazing. She immediately eased my fears and told me she wouldn’t let me put something on that I couldn’t get in time. She walked with me all over the store and pointed out what was in my price range and could get here in time.
I spent about ten minutes alone looking at the dress and picked out several. I wasn’t blown away by anything I had seen and was still worried I wouldn’t like any of them. I was about to walk back to the dressing room, and I kept staring at this one dress, thinking it was beautiful but not sure if it was me. I asked the stylist to pick it up anyway. I was waiting in my dressing room with my family, and I distinctly remember pulling that one out and telling them, “There’s something about this one I love, but I am not sure what. I think it’s going to surprise me, though.” It was the second dress I put on. I knew right away that this was my dress. I loved EVERYTHING. It was classy, sexy, and fairytale-like. I couldn’t believe the way it looked on me. I have never felt so beautiful. I gasped when I looked at it the first time, and it sent my family straight into tears. We all knew this was the one. They put the veil on, and I never wanted to take the dress off. I felt like a bride for the first time ever!


Question #3: What was the theme or aesthetic for your wedding day?


My wedding was Christmas-themed. Everything was emerald green, white, and gold. It was a dream, the absolute most gorgeous thing ever. I was in awe the whole time. I loved every second of my dream Christmas wedding!


Question #4: What was the most memorable part of your big day?


I saw my fiance for the first time at the end of the aisle. All the nerves and craziness just faded away. Getting to see his smiling handsome face, I just knew our life would be an adventure from here on out. I couldn’t wait to start it with him. Getting to dance with him alone at the end of the night was pretty special too. I love him so much!

Question #5: How did you personalize your wedding experience and wedding gown?


There were a lot of little personalized touches to the wedding. My dad passed away when I was a kid. My sister and I decorated his chair at the ceremony, and she gave me a necklace with his handwriting on it. I had been looking for his script for years. I had instant tears.
I also added a blue crescent moon to the inside of my dress from one of his dress shirts. He always told me he loved me to the moon and back. It was like he got to walk me down the aisle and was with me the whole night.
Something fun we did was have a bounce house! It was a hit. We didn’t have many kids there, but watching all of our friends and family bounce around in the bounce house was fun.


Wedding day vendors:
Venue: Avalon Legacy Ranch
Photos: Fleeting and Co. @fleetingandco
Bakery: Bronwen’s Cakes @bronwencakes
Florist: Petals and Pastels @petalsnpastels
Planner: Alice and Apricot @aliceandapricot
Harmland Weddings @harmlandweddings
Make-up: Grand Slam Glam @grandslamglam
Hair: Hair by Anna @hair.byanna
Music: Joey Wilcoxson @joey_wilcoxson


We love our LuLus brides and click here if you want more bridal inspo from real weddings!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips You Need To Know Before Your Appointment

Is it your first time wedding dress shopping? Have you had a hard time finding your dress? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, then keep reading! Our Administrative Coordinator and Bridal Stylist Brittany has listed out 10 do’s and don’ts when shopping for your wedding dress.


  1. Give yourself plenty of time– You will need to order a gown at least 9 months to a year before your wedding. This will give you some leniency regarding shipping delays or any other issues that may arise. Also, please keep in mind that alterations and bridal portraits may take an additional 2 months before everything is complete. It is not uncommon for brides to plan a year in advance, and we highly recommend it!


  1. Be honest with your stylist! – It is important that you let your bridal stylist know if you have already been shopping for a wedding dress or if it is your first time. Let us know the actual price range for your gown, the body parts you want to accentuate or camouflage, and any other information that you feel is important so we can help you find your dream dress. We understand that everyone has a vision, and we are here to help you have the best time while shopping – not judge you based on style, size, or price point.


  1. Research! Research! Research!– Every salon is different, with different styles, prices, and experiences. Please make sure you do your research before making bridal appointments. Every salon wants to make sure you have the best experience possible. If you are looking for a bohemian-inspired dress, but you only see a wide variety of traditional gowns, then that store may not be the right bridal salon for what you need. We will try our best to find the dress styles we carry that are similar to what you are looking for. We can always alter the dress to turn it into the perfect look. When you are budgeting for your wedding dress, please include extra costs for accessories (veils alone can range from $150-$800+) and alterations (which average between $500-$900 for standard alterations). Your $1,300-price point can easily rise to $2000 quickly. The last thing we want to do is get your hopes up for a dress that is out of your preferred budget.

*Shopping pro-tip: Allow your stylist to recommend another bridal salon so you can optimize your appointment. This is not to discourage you, but to send you to the right resources to find your perfect dress.


  1. Who to bring with you?– In the words of our Lulu’s Manager, “If you would not invite them to the birth of your child, then don’t bring them to your bridal appointment.” It might sound bold but being surrounded by people that support and listen to you will set the tone for your bridal appointment. The opinions that matter are the ones you value.


Also remember, the bridal appointment is about you and only you, so do not let mom, sister, grandma, or any of your friends pressure you into getting something you don’t love. We are here to make you happy and will give you our knowledge and expertise wherever we can!


  1. Trust yourself– Don’t immediately turn down a dress based on how it looks on the hanger. Try the gown on for yourself and then inform your stylist about what you do or do not like. You may be surprised to fall in love with a mermaid gown when you were solely looking for ballgown styles.


We want you to trust your instinct when you finally put a dress on. You will know if it is the one if you listen to yourself and recognize how you feel in it. You are supposed to feel like the most beautiful version of yourself!


  1. What to wear to your bridal appointment? – Dress in whatever makes you comfortable and wear undergarments preferably, in skin tone or white colors. You do not have to bring your wedding shoes for your initial appointments, but you will need to take in the shoes you plan on wearing to the wedding during your gown alterations.


  1. Avoid this mistake– Do not wear heavy makeup, tanner, or a fresh spray tan that will transfer onto the gowns. It will help keep the wedding gowns in good condition for other brides.


  1. Size Range– Here at Lulu’s, we carry sample sizes from 8-30. We have a selection of plus-size dresses that you can try on in-store, and we can always order a particular style for you! Please note that we do have the ability to order some of our gowns by certain designers using your actual measurements – this is considered customization and does cost extra but may be worth it in the long run if you have the time available for custom orders.

Top 10 Wedding Dress Shopping


Online shopping tip – The wedding dresses on our website are the exact gowns we have in our store to try on. The sample may not be your size at the store, but we can pin the dress to fit your body, so you can visualize how it will look.


  1. Prep before the appointment– Here at Lulu’s, every bride that books in advance will receive a pre-screening email. The pre-screening email allows us to let your stylist know your theme, venue, colors and preferred wedding dress styles before your appointment. We love photos! Please share looks you have pinned to your wedding dress inspo board. It will provide your stylist with the best visual description of what you are trying to find. Every detail you give your bridal stylist helps them get you one step closer to finding YOUR bridal gown!


  1. Last piece of advice – Do not be freaked out that your dress does not fit you perfectly when it first arrives in the store. We take your measurements and suggest the closest size you will need per the specific designer’s size chart (or CHARTS!). Alterations are needed on EVERY gown, even if it is just a hem or a bustle. We like to say, “we order you the cookie dough and alterations cut out the cookie!” You will be amazed at the transformation our alterations team can provide!


Plan your next bridal appointment with these shopping rules in mind and trust your stylist. Ask for Brittany when you visit our store and let us know if these guidelines helped you!



Photo Credit: Joseph Mark Photography

Real Bride Alice: Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

A bridal party taking a picture.


Planning a wedding is not easy, but planning a wedding during a pandemic brought on a new set of challenges for most brides. Real bride, Alice was determined to make the most out of every experience. Discover what made each moment special for Alice and how she saw the positives during unusual circumstances.

Intimate Wedding Proposal…

Before pandemic times, I always thought I’d have my makeup on, and my nails fixed. I wasn’t wearing any makeup that day, but I did my nails the day before out of boredom.

On the day of the proposal, Andrew and I visited my sister and her family in Fort Worth to hang out at her pool. Since it was during the pandemic, we tried our best to practice social distancing and spend most of our time together outdoors. I hadn’t seen my sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews, Ben and Collin, in months which seemed like forever since I used to visit very often.

When we were getting ready to go outside, my 3-year-old nephew brought me an old shoebox. Because I hadn’t seen them much during the pandemic, I thought Ben was showing me new toys inside. When he opened it, I saw a ring box instead. Andrew grabbed the box and gets down on one knee. I was surprised and couldn’t believe it! Of course, I immediately said YES! We FaceTimed my parents shortly after and celebrated the rest of the day at the pool. It was a perfect little quarantine proposal.

Wedding Dress Shopping… 

Wedding dress shopping during a pandemic was something I dreaded—the mask mandate and the limited number of guests put a damper on my wedding planning mood. Who was going to join me to go wedding dress shopping? It was not an essential task, and I completely understood when none of the bridesmaids wanted to come. I didn’t even want to go myself! But, before I knew it, six months had already passed, so I needed to start looking.

Real Bride Alice and her bridesmaids

My wedding dress shopping experience at LuLu’s is something I’ll never forget. I already had high expectations for LuLu’s since that was where my sister found her wedding dress. Of course, I didn’t want to get my hopes up on finding it there, but how cool would that be, right?!

Melissa was the sweetest and very patient. I didn’t have a dream dress that I knew I wanted all along. She took her time with me, narrowing down which styles I liked and didn’t like. I felt so comfortable with her, which was great because it filled the void of not having all my bridesmaids with me.

I was with my sister when she found her dress, and in the end, she was with me when I found mine at Lulu’s. Always a good time at Lulu’s.

Found the One: Morilee 2044…

Melissa at Lulu’s did such a great job picking out dresses that it made it hard to choose. I would tell her what I liked and what I didn’t like about the dress. Each one got better and better until it was the one! Oh, my stars! The dress checked off everything I wanted. Melissa nailed it. I almost wonder if she secretly knew the whole time and just waited for dramatic effect. She’s that good and made it so much fun!

Wedding Theme…

I wanted my theme to be minimal yet elegant. Less is more! Planning a wedding during the pandemic made “less” favorable in case we were only allowed immediate family or a wedding cancellation due to Covid concerns. I didn’t even have any wedding cake tastings. I trusted my florist and went with a bakery she recommended. That first wedding cake bite was a pleasant (and delicious) surprise.


Real Bride Alice walking down the aisle

Husband and wife slicing a wedding cake

Favorite Moments…

EVERYTHING. The pandemic makes you realize what is truly important!

It meant so much to see everyone after missing so many special occasions and holidays because of the pandemic. The entire week and day were special to me. If I had to choose one special moment of the big day, I would say it was during the reception. My DJ (and good friend) Chris remembered a specific song I liked. The song does not have vocals, so it is hard to find. Towards the end of the night, there was a surprise for me.

I had to step onto speakers, and I was nervous about what was going to happen next. When I realized what song they were playing, I immediately knew I could let loose for the rest of the night and had no more worries. It wasn’t a song I requested on the wedding playlist, so it was a very thoughtful and awesome surprise! Someone said I was living my best life dancing on those speakers, and I agree!

Sentimental Wedding Details…

I wore my sister’s wedding shoes as something borrowed. Written on the bottom of one of the shoes was her wedding date, and I thought it was sweet of my sister to add my wedding date to the other. My sister and brother-in-law are total “couple goals,” so it was extra special that I got to walk down the aisle with something from their wedding too. I was lucky enough to have all my favorite vendors for my wedding. Every single one of them spoiled me in their own way. I was the luckiest girl and had the best people with me on my wedding day.


Real Bride Alice Send off


We love hearing from our brides. If you would like to share more about your wedding like real bride Alice – comment below or send a message to our Instagram! We would love to feature your love story! 


Vendor Team

Photographer: Jonny Ngo Photography @iamjonnyngo

Venue: Zander’s House @zandershouse

Planner: Love and Sparrows @loveandsparrows

Bakery: Paris Bakery @parisbakeryinarlington

Florist: Kim Trang @ktweddingevents

Gown Retailer: LuLu’s Bridal Boutique @lulusbrides

Gown Designer: Morilee @morilee

Makeup & Hair: Q the MUA @qthemua

Music: RLF Society @rlfsociety @skrach_chris

Wedding invitations and stationery: Footprints Invitations @footprintsinvitations


Real Sophia Tolli Bride Jessenia & Aaron

Real bride Jessenia wore the perfect timeless dress for her modern wedding! Find out about how she made her dress her own and the moments that made her wedding day special.

The Endearing Proposal

The goal to have Jessenia completely surprised when Aaron proposed was the plan from the start. It made for a long wait for Jessenia, but it was extra special when it came to the day!

“The stars finally aligned on February 23, 2019. Aaron invited his family to come to Dallas and hang out with us at our apartment, which was not out of the ordinary. I did not suspect anything. Aaron called my parents to ask for my hand in marriage. His entire speech was memorized and delivered in perfect Spanish. However, he failed to prepare for the follow-up comments and questions from my mom. All of which were also in Spanish. He says he left the conversation knowing that they approved but not knowing what else he agreed to.


man and woman kissing

Aaron and his family prepared a beautiful proposal setting at the apartment resort-style pool surrounded by fountains and water features. A walkway lined with candles and pictures filled with memories with music in the background created a beautiful intimate setup.

Meanwhile, all that was going on downstairs, I was napping on the couch upstairs in our apartment, completely unaware. Aaron called me to meet them all downstairs to eat dinner, play pool and hang out. Little did I know my life was about to change.

A few minutes later, I came downstairs and heard music but thought it was coming from the speakers in the outdoor lounge area. When I saw Aaron standing there surrounded by those candles and pictures, it hit me it was happening, and the first thing that came to my mind was: Omg, finally!!! Wait, I am not wearing any makeup, my nails not manicured, and I have on a huge coat that looks like a blanket, but finally!”

Man & woman standing outsideoutside

Finding the One

Jessenia always dreamt of finding the dress of her dreams and that moment when she knew. She would watch “Say Yes to the Dress” and would cry when brides would find the one! After going to several different stores, she fell in love with dress style 12026 by Sophia Tolli.

“I wanted sleeves, modern, cool-girl vibes, but overall, modest. I also knew one thing: I DO NOT WANT STRAPLESS. When the consultant brought in this Sophia Tolli strapless gown, I immediately was like, no. But I guess I will try it on for fun.



Man and woman outside


I. Felt. Like. A. Bride! Immediately. The curtains opened, and all my sisters and best friend gasped. They said, OMG this is so you! The consultant put a veil on my head, I turned and looked in the mirror, and I saw a bride, not just me wearing a white dress. I cried, and yes, the feeling is real! I could picture myself walking down the aisle to my fiancé. No need to try on anything else. No fear of missing out. So, it just goes to show, you do not immediately dismiss a dress until you try it. Trust your consultant!”


Wedding Plans 

“Our theme was modern, clean, minimalist. It was at the Nasher Sculpture Center, and it was supposed to be an outdoor affair. The weather had other plans, so we had to scramble at the last minute to move it indoors. In the end, the weather cooperated, and we had our dinner outside on the terrace. It all turned out amazing!”

Real Bride Jessenia and Aaron holding an umbrella

Special Moments to Remember 

The first look was a special moment to remember between Jessenia and Aaron!

“There is so much anticipation for months leading up to your wedding day. So many decisions to make, and you worry about everything being perfect. I felt like I was holding my breath for so long, and my heart was pounding as I stood behind him, waiting for him to turn around. As soon as we saw each other and said a few private words with just the two of us, I immediately felt a sense of calm and peace. I could breathe! At that moment, nothing else really mattered, the rain, the decor, the flowers. The only thing that mattered was that I was finally marrying the man of my dreams.”

man and woman outside


My Signature Style

“My wedding dress was modern, elegant, simple. And I loved it, but I wanted a wow factor too. I had so much time to spare because of Covid. I spent hours on Etsy looking for the perfect add-on to achieve a unique, one-of-a-kind look. I decided on detachable statement sleeves, and added them on after the ceremony and once the veil came off. They were so fun and such a hit! Everyone loved them.”

Real bride wearing Sophia Tolli


We love Jessenia’s personal style! Comment down below and tell us what you think!

If you are a LuLu’s real bride and would like to share your story, email hello@lulusbridal.com or direct message us on Instagram. (@lulusbrides)

Take a look at Real Bride Trish wearing Eddy K. 


Vendor Team:

Venue: Nasher Sculpture Center

Bakery: La Casita Bakeshop (bridal cake), Bronwen Cakes (grooms cake)

Florist: Luxe Petals

Rentals: Posh Couture Rentals, Center Stage Floors, Mirmir Photo Photobooth

Photography: Laning Photography

Makeup & Hair: Alayza Casey Makeup, Modern Hairstylist

Music: LeForce Entertainment


Trendy Wedding Accessories You Need Now

How should you accessorize after you found your dream dress? First off, finding the right pieces that add uniqueness but does not take away from your style can be a little bit of a challenge, but we are here to help! Discover the trendy wedding accessories you need now to transform your wedding attire!

Denim Jacket

A jean jacket is one of the most popular accessory trends you will discover if you are a soon-to-be bride. Bridal jean jackets add a unique and fun element to your dress and create photo-worthy pictures on your big day. It works at a variety of venues and will complement greatly to rustic, boho, and modern themes. A denim jacket can be repurposed to wear at any bridal function and makes for a perfect transition look from ceremony to reception. We love the different customization options that are available when creating an outstanding jacket. We see the use of monograms, patches, pearls, and fringes decorated on this cute accessory.

We love this real bride’s use of paint to highlight her and her bridal party. It was a showstopping piece, and the denim jacket is a fantastic gift for your bridesmaids. We are getting a 90’s vibe with this trend, and we love every bit of it!


Statement Veils

A change in wedding dress styles has shifted as Covid-19 evoked a new mindset among individuals. We see the replacement of bold wedding dresses to the gravitation of minimalistic designs and silhouettes instead. Brides are choosing to get that same wow factor of flashy dresses but with statement veils. Also, bold veils make it easy for brides to transform their look but still cater to a more subdued aesthetic for their wedding day.

Group of people at a wedding. Bride is wearing a large veil and a wedding dress.
Photo Credit: Joseph Mark Photography

Bridal Shoes

Shoes are seen as an afterthought when picking out your dress, but you will see wedding heels with intricate details become a focal point in 2021. Your shoe needs to be a factor when developing a look. Plan your shoe or shoes to accommodate comfortability, location, and design aesthetics. Garden venues are seen more than ever since the pandemic creating a rise in block heels as a fabulous choice for outdoor weddings. The incorporation of structured bows, intricate floral motifs, beautiful textures and color, and statement heels are on-trend. We often see brides wear two wedding shoes- one for the ceremony and one for the reception.  For example, this lovely bride included an elegant heel and a sparkly sneaker so she can dance the night away. Here at Lulu’s, we make sure you best dressed from head to toe!

Images of bridal shoes
Photo Credit (Left to Right): Amy Karp Photography, Braden Harris Photography, Courtney Hansen Photography


 Bold Headpieces & Earrings

Brides are paying attention to detail when it comes to headpieces and statement earrings. A gorgeous large, beaded hoop or a bold stud will be eye-catching to view on your big day.  However, make sure to style your earrings to be complimentary and not clash with your overall dress style. You and your dress will be the star of your wedding! Headpieces are the perfect accessory for the modern bride. Incorporate a fashionable headband or jeweled hairpiece for a magical appearance. A fabulous pearl headband paired with a structured dress or jumpsuit creates the right amount of soft elegance.

A woman wearing an earring
Photo: Allen Tsai Photography

Floral Bouquet

We are leaving behind wildflowers and gradients from past years. We are looking ahead to monochromatic looks, textural blooms, and expressive colors. Floral bouquets are an essential and complementary aspect that completes your overall style. Brides are holding bouquets that embrace one color but include dimensional shades to create interest. Also, you might notice petite size floral arrangements pop up in more weddings. Smaller size bouquets are functional and very aesthetically pleasing to your bridal look.

Bride holding a white floral bouquet
Photo Credit: John Cain Photography


Your wedding dress is a work of art! Why not amplify its beauty with pretty details. Become the centerpiece to your wedding day with trendy, elegant, unique accessories. The next time you are dress shopping think about how you want to accessorize!


What accessories are you going to incorporate? Tell us in the comments below!












Real Bride, Trish, in Eddy K

“My experience at LuLu’s Bridal shopping for my wedding gown was incredible! My stylist, Daniella, was knowledgeable, she made the experience fun, and she asked all the right questions. She listened to what I was looking for, and she chose styles that both fit my vision and different options I hadn’t considered.

After trying on several dresses in a style of what I originally thought I wanted, she encouraged me to try on one dress in particular she pulled for me that was a different style and color (champagne and ivory). I knew before the dress was fully zipped up that it was my dress! My stylist pulled a veil for me to try on with it, and once my mom started tearing up, we knew I did not need to try on any more dresses.

I felt beautiful and confident in my gown on our wedding day.  I cherished every moment in the dress and didn’t want to take it off! The dress fit my wedding day vision perfectly for our romantic and classic fall wedding. It has the most gorgeous lace and beading detail that made the dress so unique.”

We are completely obsessed with Trish’s Eddy K gown! She made the most beautiful LuLu’s Bride.

Take a look at her stunning wedding day photos below:

Real Bride, Trish 1

Real Bride, Trish 2

Real Bride, Trish 3

Real Bride, Trish 4


Venue: Gleneagles Country Club

Flowers: Root + Bloom Floral Design

Photography: Lily Hayes

Event styling/coordinator: @the.design.co

Hair: Monica with Memorable Occasions & Hair Design

Makeup: Beauty by Taylor Kizer

Dress Designer: Eddy K at LuLu’s Bridal

Real Bride, Anna, in Mikaella

Real Bride, Anna, in Mikaella

“I recently got married in the dress of my dreams (and veil!)” says #LuLusBride, Anna.



“Our wedding was an absolute dream, and I couldn’t have been more in love with my dress! Lulu’s was the most stress-free, wonderful process! In all honesty, I didn’t think I would like my dress when it was on the hanger. I wasn’t convinced at all. Then I put it on, saw my family’s reactions, and then got a good look at myself in the mirror. It was truly that “bridal moment” that everyone always talks about! I just knew it was the dress of my dreams that I wanted to marry the man of my dreams in. I still look back at the pictures and videos from that day and am so thankful that I chose Lulu’s. “


Take a peek at Anna’s gorgeous big day! We may be biased, but her wedding day look is perfection in our book!



Photographer: Savannah Peterson Photographer

Venue: Bella Sera Ranch (Palestine, TX)

Florist: La Tee Da Flowers (Tyler, TX)

Hair and Makeup Artist: Hair and Makeup by Edie

Choosing Your Wedding Day Music

Deciding on the music for your wedding day can be a lot of fun. But it can also be daunting! Your music choices set the tone for the day, from ceremony prelude to the last dance at your reception and every key moment in between. Here are a few points to consider when making your selections.

Your ceremony music may be dictated, in part, by the venue in which you marry. Many houses of worship have guidelines requiring your music be religious or classic instrumental in nature. Be sure to check with your contact at your ceremony venue to ensure your choices meet any requirements.

Next, you’ll want to consider the style/theme of your event – classic/traditional, modern, eccentric, whimsical, etc. A garden wedding with a boho chic vibe would be the perfect setting to have the bride enter to something like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” strummed on an acoustic guitar, whereas a formal church or hotel ballroom ceremony may lend itself more to the bride walking in to “Trumpet Voluntary” played by a string quartet. But it is your wedding! Take time to do some research and brainstorm with your musicians if you want something a little more unique than the standard wedding repertoire.

After the ceremony, the real fun begins! The pressure is off as you are now Mr. and Mrs., and it’s time to party! For reception music, you’ll want to start with your cocktail hour if you’re having one. Again, the goal of the music is not only entertainment but to set the mood. Jazz or big band favorites are a great way to go during the cocktail hour. You want the mood to be festive but your guests aren’t ready to cut loose. Consider the same approach for mealtime, especially if you’re having a seated dinner. Guests do not want to have to compete with high energy dance music to have a conversation.

Another fun consideration: do you want to incorporate any meaningful song – do you have an “our song”, is there a song that is a theme of your relationship or is there a song that is special to your families? Including songs that have personal significance is a great way to personalize your wedding and make it more memorable for you and your fiancé. You can do this for your ceremony or reception of course, and this is the best way to choose songs for your special dances such as your first dance and the father/daughter and mother/son dances.

Dinner is over and it is time to dance! Want to have the dance floor packed? Then please do consider your guests! Will Grandma be on the floor throwing down to Sexyback or would that give her a heart attack? You may adore Newgrass, but will your guests get it – and can you dance to it?! You can easily have a wide variety of music played to appeal to most of your guests, and any seasoned band leader or disc jockey can help you plan that out. Hire talented, experienced professionals, whether a band or DJ and trust their expertise and opinions!!!

Another great brain to pick would be that of your wedding planner! Don’t have one yet? Weddings by StarDust has a wonderful team of Certified Wedding Planners that can help you with every detail for your wedding day! Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation!

Trend Alert: Bridal Blues

Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The “something blue” aspect of the traditional Old English rhyme symbolizes love, purity and fidelity. You have decided you definitely want to incorporate the “something blue” tradition but you’re not necessarily into the garter thing or don’t want to be as bold as wearing blue shoes. How about painting your toenails blue?

Blue nail polish is still all the rage – why not paint your toe nails with blue polish to bring in the ubiquitous something blue?! We love the incredible assortment of blue nail polishes out there. Check out some of the gorgeous shades!

Borrowed and Blue from Essie
Larimar from Oscar de la Renta
Ocean Blue from Sonia Kashuk
Yoga-ta Get This Blue from OPI
Blue Satin from Chanel
No matter what shade of blue you’re into, you are sure to find the perfect hue for your something blue toes!